Wednesday, 18 January 2012

London january 2012

I just got back from a weekend trip to London. I really like the city and there is always lots to see and buy ;)

This trip was pure a pleasure trip. Good food, relaxing and lots of shopping. The january sale was still on. I go in to a art supply store and it´s 50-75% off on almost everything ... Now I have sketchbooks to last me a lifetime or at least till next London trip.

I hoped I could go to the NoBrow event in Hayward gallery on thursday but delayed flight and a change of hotel stopped that. I went there later to see the McBess/Ugo Gattoni drawing and Luke Pearsons Hilda-figure made by Feltmistress! I took some photos and got some great books.

Break out your old red/green 3Dglasses!

Even though we are swedes my girlfriend and I are big DrWho fans since before the new series. We visited the DrWho Experience last year. We enjoyed it so much we went again.

Between all the pubs, restaurants and shopping we managed one proper museum visit. National Portrait Gallery. I haven´t been there since the 80s. It was great to see the famous paintings again.

One shop I really wanted to visit was GOSH comics new store. I visited the old one every time I´ve been to London (first time late 80s). I was really impressed with the new store. Great space, nice, open and inviting.

My feet are sore and aching but I want to go back soon!

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